Do you have any pets? Yes, my partner and I adopted a 3 year old Jack Russell X in January 2017 called Truffle! She’s so adorable but definitely has a naughty side (typical terrier!).  When out [...]

Safer Caring Training

This training course is part of our mandatory training package for foster carers. This course aims to give foster carers the knowledge they need to prevent, recognise and get the right treatment [...]

Equality & Diversity training

L.A. training will be providing our Equality & Diversity Training for the Wessex carers, which is one of our mandatory training courses The course aims are: To explore the importance and [...]

First Aid Training

As part of the on-going training program carers are being offered a First Aid training course being run by Triangle Training . This is part of the mandatory training required by The Fostering [...]

Carers Support Group Plymouth

Opportunity for foster carers to come together and share experiences, explore ideas for managing situations and exchange resources. This is always an informal event where foster carers and staff [...]

Digital Wellbeing Training

This course run by Dialogue Training covers topics such as: Identifying the issues which might affect young people online Identifying particular areas of risk for young people and the factors [...]

Carers Support Group Wessex

This is always an informal event where foster carers and staff can discuss any issues/ concerns they are experiencing as well as catching up with other foster carers. Join us at the Community [...]