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Our aim is to support you to make a positive difference to a child’s life, whether they are placed with you in the short term and return home to their families or for the long term when they become a part of your family’s future

Who we are…

The Fostering Foundation is a small independent fostering agency established by a small group of individuals who wanted to recruit foster carers to offer high quality care and support for children and young people who, for a number of reasons, can’t live with their own families.

And we are proud to have maintained our ethos of being a small, friendly but professional fostering agency and now have three locations that enables us to cover the whole of the South West meaning you are never too far away from an experienced supervising social worker (SSW), our in-house therapeutic practitioner or any of the office team.

Plus having three locations also means you are able to drop into ‘your’ office or attend one of our events hosted locally. And more importantly, you are never a number, you will get to know the office team from our excellent admin staff through to registered manager – we will all know your situation and the story of the child placed with you. We will always be on hand to support you as will the network of other foster carer families in our network.

What we do…

The role of The Fostering Foundation is to bring together families seeking to provide a safe and loving environment for children and young people who, for a myriad of reasons, find themselves unable to live with their parents, guardians or relatives.

For many of the children, they will be seeking the support and encouragement that has been lacking in their lives – be that for a short period or since they can remember. Which means we work hard to place the right child or children to suit your family and domestic situation.

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“I find the FF very efficient, proactive, reliable and trustworthy”

How we support you…

You will be amazed at just how quickly life can improve for a child or young person when they are in the right atmosphere and home matching your situation with the right children.

We undertake robust assessments, which means that we have a pool of highly professional but caring foster carers.

All the children are matched carefully, which means that we see a very small number of placement disruptions.

In fact, it was our most recent inspection when OFSTED recognised that our small size “ensures a personal, individually tailored service which is appreciated by children and young people, foster carers and external professionals, all of whom gave very positive feedback.”

Other comments in the OFSTED report included…

“Children are matched carefully, and the very small number of placement disruptions is a testament to the effectiveness of this process.”

“Excellent service”

We offer a comprehensive foster carer training program, which includes specialist courses on therapeutic parenting, and as a result, children make good progress in all areas of their lives. They classed the quality of care and management as GOOD.

You can find out more from the OFSTED website here.

What they say about us…

“I find them, as an agency, very efficient, proactive, reliable and trustworthy”

“Once you become a foster carer with The Fostering Foundation you will became a member of The Fostering Network with all of its membership benefits”

“My experience of Fostering Foundation is that they always communicate with me and always respond quickly to any telephone/email requests”

“We have always found her to be warm and approachable, very good at actioning and seeing through any requests we have regarding the chillden. She is always on time and will commit to however long it takes to have a worthwhile visit. We are very happy with … and are extremely pleased to have her as our SSW”

“All the children and young people in our care who have ever encountered …, ALL speak very highly of her.  It is so evident that … genuinely cares deeply about their welfare and well-being whilst still delivering the level of support we require as Foster Carers.”

“…… has been really amazing with supporting us since becoming our supervising social worker. She hasn’t only supported us but also our children when having big challenging placements. If we ever had any concerns she would help overcome these. She works well with our family and sticking up for us in getting placement plans in place during very challenging meetings. We are all looking forward to our next placement”

“We feel very secure with the support we have from The Fostering Foundation and our Supervising Social Worker. Our Supervising Social Worker feels like one of our family, as she is friendly and helpful and at times goes beyond her duties. We always get a quick response to any issues or questions we have from The Fostering Foundation. We have 24-hour support if we need it. We get invited to many courses and we know that if we needed specific training that The Fostering Foundation would help us with this. We have regular supervision and are frequently told that we are doing a good job which is very reassuring for us.”  Foster Carer


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