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Carer Profiles

A number of our foster carers, both newly approved and experienced, have vacancies for children who need a placement!

If you think one of these carers might be able to provide a home for a child for whom you are looking to find a placement, please contact our London office.

Deniz and Caner

Deniz , 51 and Caner, 54 are a mature, happily married couple who have the wherewithal to foster. Deniz is a warm person and very much child focused and family oriented and that is evident in her lifestyle. She presents as a calm and patient person. She has valuable parenting and life experience and has a strong and resilient personality which assists her in difficult and stressful situations. Her strength of character and ability to manage situations calmly are very important characteristics to have in a foster carer. Both Deniz and Caner have showed a willingness to consider children from a variety of backgrounds such as domestic violence, emotional abuse, and neglect. The couple have also supported a child with special educational needs and they realise this may entail attendance at meetings and individual time to enable the child to reach their full potential. They feel they have the skills and sensitivity to provide security and space to enable foster children to feel loved and cared for.


Lynn is a white single carer. Lynn was approved in 2011; approval terms 3 if 2 are siblings of same gender ; 0-18; long and short term; (preference children under 10, sibling groups, able to also care for children with mild / moderate disability). Lynn has cared for 5 foster children, boys and girls, between age 13 and 16 with diverse needs.

Lynn is an experienced parent of 2 children, who live away from home. She has cared for her birth child who was critically ill at birth. Lynn has experience of caring for her grandchild and protected her birth children from domestic violence.
Lynn speaks English.

Lynn has a placid cross Staffordshire terrier. Vet assessment has completed; no concerns.

Lynn is a mature white British female who has a genuine interest in fostering and a desire to make a difference to children’s lives. She is an enthusiastic, practical and welcoming person who has used her life experiences to understand how trauma and difficulties affect the lives of children and young people.Lynn is a good advocate who will work with children and young people to achieve their full potential. She will assist their transition towards independence ensuring they have all the necessary skills.

Lynn has raised her own children through to adulthood therefore has experienced the full range of parenting skills and challenges. She is committed to looking after children and young people providing them with space and time in order to build their resilience and self esteem. She understands that children and young people have often had negative experiences with adults in their lives so it will take time for them to trust. She is prepared to work with the children or young person in placement providing them with a nurturing and stable environment. She is willing to work to meet the cultural needs of any child in her care.

Lynn lives in a three bedroom house in Hornchurch which provides access to local amenities and has good transport links. There are primary and secondary schools, religious establishments and medical services in the area.



Theresa is a single carer, age 59. She lives with a 7 year old girl named Frances, who she has taken an SGO out on. Her daughter is 28 and lives in Ghana with her partner and three children.

Theresa has experience of caring for children between ages 4-18 years old as a parent, aunty and grandmother, and has had experience of supporting a friend in the past who was a foster carer. Theresa has also worked with children and a young person in a community work setting and is a Sunday school teacher.

Theresa is fully prepared for the challenges ahead and has a good support network who have experienced of working and caring for children and young people. One of her support is a retired foster carer with 10 years experience.

Theresa is a fulltime foster carer and has time, energy and creative personality to enhance a child’s well-being. Theresa believes in using techniques of distraction rather than focussing on negative behaviour. She also uses lots of praise which younger children respond to very well. Theresa knows that it is hard work to always practise such methods of childcare, but that in the long run it brings rewards as children are clear about their role and what behaviour is expected from them, and they respond well to this.